Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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All of our animals have the potential to find their forever family. Please contact us if you are interested in one of our residents. We sure could use some more monthly sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring a horse at CVRS, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
We take random pictures and as you can see, mud included! These are animals and like so many others, they like to roll too :)


Besee -  is a 4 yr old grade mini mare She came to CVRS in August 2012 when we were called to help as concerned citizens contacted us because of her and pasture mate's feet were grossly overgrown.  Besee has a few issues about trust but she is slowly coming around - she wants to be a love bug - ground work is being done along with a lot of hands on to get her over the fear of humans - she is looking for her forever home.  ;)


PONZEE (pronounced Pone Zee) came to us in Jan of 2010 - she gave birth to our beutiful Indee pony. This mare has a lot of trust issues, it is taking a soft hand and plenty of time but we hope to one day be able to ride her.

CHARLEE - Sir Charles is a 30+ yr old pony gelding that was on a Craiglist ad for free that was sent to me. Something just kept eating away at me so I inquired. From the conversation and emails we had with this woman, Charlee was in good shape but just no longer needed as her son was too big to ride him. She told us that he was having trouble putting on weight. Well when Stephany (Celtic Rein Rescue) and her family arrived with Charlee, she warned me about his condition. By simply looking at the way the blanket was hanging on him, I knew it was not good. When we took him into the barn and removed his blanket (picture on the left above) I had tears. I could not believe this was the same pony that I had been sent pictures of from 6 months prior!! Charlee was weak and actully went down in his stall. The poor guy was nothing but bones and obviously had no energy at all. It took many different tries but we finally had a feed mix that Charlee loved. He is on Blue Seal Vintage Senior and Beet Pulp. He is a fussy ole coot but this mix sure seems to make him happy! He is also on Pergolide to treat his Cushings.
I spoke with a previous owner of Charlee and she told me that he had broken or fractured his right shoulder before she had gotten him. He was on 6 months of stall rest in a cast or sling. I am not sure of all the details but that is the jist of it. It is obvious that he is compensating for that shoulder and therefore very over at the knee on that right leg. From the moment he walked off the trailer I asked Stephany if anything was mentioned about his right knee but she said not at all. He had such a thick coat from not getting his pergolide that we thought maybe it was just that. Once he started to recover and feeling better I noticed right away that he was lame on that right leg. It was very hard to check it with all the hair so I body clipped him. I could then see right away that it wasn't just the thick coat, his knee was a bit swollen but not alot of heat. Our farrier has done his feet and the angles were all off so we are slowly correcting them. He also checked his knee as he noticed the swelling and agreed he was over at the knee.
When out vet arrives to give vaccines we will be drawing blood to check his levels to make sure his pergolide is working properly. Of course his teeth will be checked and knee will also be looked at but for now he gets some bute for his discomfort.
Charlee is VERY lucky to have so many wonderful people that love him. THANK YOU to  Miss Linda J - Dorothy - Linda M - Marcia D - Diane W - Jamie J - Faye W. There are many more but these ladies are his main supporters and Charlee is so grateful to have each of you love him so much!
We would also like to say thank you to Beth and Mary M from
NEER. They sent Charlee some Pergolide that they could no longer use. We are very grateful and appreciate their thoughtfulness :)

TRINKET (Trinee) - aka Baby Hippo is an elderly pony that came to CVRS through an owner transfer. She is our 40+ yrs old but still gets around rather well. The young girl who was riding her was ready to move on to a younger, show quality pony. Her arthritis does flare up quite a bit so we will use her in our educational programs. The kids just love having ponies like Trinket and Charlee around that they can love on and groom without being nervous or scared :)


TEEKO - is a grade Pinto gelding and the son of Breeze. He was named Cozee Valee's Mister Blister but somehow Teeko became his barn name. Since Breeze was the first bred mare we have had I had alot to learn and was very excited to have a foal being born here. Teeko was born on Jan 1, 2007 and my Mother and I were lucky enough to see the whole birth take place. It was an experience I feel everyone should be blessed to witness. Teeko was a big boy who was all legs! Because he was maturing so fast he was gelded at 5 mths and has become the sweetest gelding and a pure joy to work around.
If anyone is intersted in sponsoring this fine boy, please
contact us :) ADOPTION PENDING!!

TILEE - is a grade POA mare. This mare was signed over to CVRS do to her owner not having enough experience or time for a young horse.Tilee has been here since she was a weanling. Now permanently blind, Miss Tilee will remain here at CVRS until it is her time to depart this world <3






MOLEE - Congrats to Morgan Ashby on the adoption of Molee  <3

Update from Molee, now Trixie's family -

Erin Ballantyne Ashby - Thank so much for saving an amazing, gorgeous ponies life. She was born for the show ring and that is where she'll go.

Erin Ballantyne Ashby - Trixie is coming along so well. She had her teeth done and has excepted the bit great. They are walk, trot and cantering better and better everyday. She loves to jump, which she does during turn out. Fun tpo watch. Will get video soon to post.
Morgan Ashby Trixie is awesome I love her so so so so much




Finally found her heart humane, Michele <3 These two are perfect for each other and really look good together, right? Breeze is a mare who was being lead on to the slaughter truck when she was seen by a friend of ours. After a few phone calls it was arranged that Breeze would be coming to CVRS as a foster through another rescue. Breeze then became a rescue under CVRS, she was foundered badly and really needed her feet properly tended to. We had Breeze vet checked as soon as she arrived and also had her palpated. To our surprise she was indeed in foal and about 4-5 months along. It was a long hard battle with her founder as she had rotation in all 4 feet. We also found 4-5 abscesses per foot. Breeze spent alot of time in her deeply bedded stall and had her feet wrapped more times than I can count. She was given a 50/50 chance to get through her pregnancy by two vets and our farrier. She had a gorgeous Pinto colt on Jan 1, 2007!!


JENEE our Mini Donkey  - Congratulations to the Kyle family on their adoption of Jenee!!
MADEE our Arab cross mare -- CONGRATULATIONS to Jamie on her adoption of Madee!!










R.I.P.  July 7, 2012 to our precious Yhamee - what an amazing buddy I was blessed to have - I miss you more than you will ever know <3

R.I.P. Lizee aka Miss Molly pony crossed the bridge June 6, 2012

R.I.P Bigee crossed the bridge on Sept 23, 2011

R.I.P MeeaMia crossed the bridge on Sept 23, 2011

R.I.P Howee crossed the bridge on August 10, 2009
Howee was very lucky to have his sponsor, Linda M who loved him very much :)

R.I.P Ladee crossed the bridge on August 10, 2009