Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Our Views on Euthanasia

Because euthanasia is such a non popular word, we at CVRS would like to let you know how we handle a situation that would require that nasty word, euthanasia to be used.

We look into every option available for each of our animals when euthanasia is mentioned. Humane euthanasia is chosen to end the animal’s pain and distress. There are many different reasons why an animal at CVRS may need to be euthanized. In the instances of a severe injury, non-savable medical condition (that consists of excessive weight loss, inability to eat or drink, etc.), non-savable behavior condition/problem or any other condition that will cause an animal to be in pain or suffer. All decisions are at the discretion of our veterinarian and the final decision will be made by our board.

There have been times that I have personally been there to hold animals when it was time for them to pass over. Is this something I enjoy – NO WAY but I can assure you that it has always been a peaceful and pain free situation for the animal. There are so many people that try to make euthanasia a nasty option and they are wrong. If they have been through a situation that deems them to think it is horrible, to me and in my opinion they have not seen it done properly. Our animals had me there to pet them, kiss them and let them know they are loved. We never had an animal fall hard enough to break any bones or feel pain. We (the vet, myself and anyone else that was here) helped them lay down and it was comfortable. The passing took place with only love and devotion around, not the unbelievable pain and suffering some speak about. I could only hope that if I was in a situation that was going to leave me to suffer that someone would let me pass with the peace and pain free situation our animals have.



Here is the link to the America Veterinary Medical Association’s view on euthanasia.