Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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has been recognized by the following organization

A Home For Every Horse

East Gate Feeds

A Stitch In time

Laney's Feed Mill

Thank You


Without a great network of support it is almost impossible to run a rescue properly. Here at Cozee Valee it is our mission is to help as many animals as possible.

I would like to take this time to say thank you to those who help or have helped us out in the past and will hopefully continue to in the future.


First and foremost I must thank my family, my husband who has a horse related *honey do* list as long as my arm....LOL! My mother who is always there for me and the animals whenever we need her. My son, Bryan who is my hard working little helper and my son Reese, who is now my guardian angel and watches out for all of us from above. Without my family none of what I do would be possible!

A special thank you to Tom Reed Jr. for generously donating his fields to us for making hay.

Fay and Sherry Mitchell also Dave Johnston for the use of their fields to pasture for our horses.

Richard Grove's Sawmill for always supplying us with plenty of fresh sawdust and lumber when we need it.

Rob Swan for donating/hauling the sand for our riding ring and shale when we need it.

Raymond Taylor for making our hay :)

Cartridge World - Huntingdon for helping us with cartridges and printing.

We at Cozee Valee appreciate all of our supporters. It does not matter if it is monetary or moral support, we need you and are grateful you believe in us.

  • Ann Woods
  • Tim & Lisa Shimer
  • Fred (Sr) & Betty Topel
  • Fred Topel Jr.
  • Missy Walker
  • FCI Electronics Employees
  • Tom & Mary (Murf) Reed Jr. (Extreme Custom Cycles)
  • Celtic Rein Rescue
  • Autumn House (Autumns Seasonal Change hair salon)
  • Jack and Sue Bertram
  • Elaine Tweedy
  • Judith Venderkay
  • Margaret Lewis
  • Crystal from California
  • Kelli from Nevada
  • Zoe Giles
  • Diane Warfield
  • Linda Moser
  • Glenn Kyper
  • Glace Rider
  • Linda Johnsen
  • Marcia Doran
  • Faye Weldon
  • Jamie Gillispie
  • Sue Rochon
  • Cindy and Warren Krysiak
  • Tessa Arnone and her son, Kai
  • Beth Hill-Ross from NEER
  • Mary Martin from NEER


FOB's - Fan's of Barbaro

There is a group of people that pulled together and donated some funds when Breeze first arrived here at Cozee Valee.  The donated funds helped us cover some of Breeze's vet expenses because she has some health issues that needed to be dealt with then and will continue into the future. I want these people to know how much we, at Cozee Valee appreciate them and thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

Stephany Asta-Ferrero from Celtic Rein Rescue and I have become such great friends. We both believe in the same things and yes our family comes first but there is no question our animals are next on the list! Steph never hesitates when she gets a call for help, no matter what it takes, she is there and her compassion for the animals is never ending. She has an amazing family of her own as well and we all feel as though we are one big family now :)

To all the legit rescues out there that we work with and support, thank you for doing what you do, after all if it wasn't for all of the people like us, dedicated to helping these animals we know where they would end up!

THANK YOU to IAM - International Agricultural Manufacturing, LLC

We completed our first grant application through IAM and we were approved to receive a drag N harrow with a 3 point hitch!! We were able to keep it here at the rescue and use it or we could have sold it to raise funds. Since we really need this drag N harrow, it will be put to good use around here.
Thank you also to Becky from WIRE - Whidbey Island Rescue for Equines for bringing this grant to our attention.


If you would like to donate directly to our vet or feed store we have provided the addresses below.


Huntingdon Veterinary Service 
We use this local vet all the time - they do accept credit cards
100 Spruce Street
Huntingdon, PA. 16652

Centre Equine Practice 
We use this vet for more serious situations - they do accept credit cards
164 Tussey Sink Road
Centre Hall, PA 16828




Tractor Supply Company

7625 Lake Raystown Shopping Center

Huntingdon, PA 16652



Laney's Feed Mill
They do accept credit cards
775 Penn Street
Huntingdon, PA 16652

Mapleton Farm & Garden 
do not accept credit cards
PO Box 435
Mapleton, PA 17052


Glace Rider

Pennsylvania Institute for Horseshoeing