Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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CVRS is proudly verified through GFAS



has been recognized by the following organization

A Home For Every Horse

East Gate Feeds

A Stitch In time

Laney's Feed Mill


We love our volunteers :)

We feel that we have been blessed with some of the best volunteers! For a long time there was no one here to help and that got very tiresome. Now we have such a great group of people that never hesitate when they get a call from us asking for help. No organization can be productive without wonderful people who give up their time and dedicate so much towards our cause. We have such a strong passion for what we do and are grateful for those that believe we are making a difference. Even though we do things on a small scale, we are still saving lives and giving many animals that second chance they deserve.

So that being said, THANK YOU to each and every one of you that help here physically, those that donate, help with fundraisers and spread the word about CVRS!

How cute is Miss Morgan? She is our youngest but happiest volunteer!

Shedding out the horses is a tough job, especially when it seems never ending, hu Mindy & Manna??