Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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A Home For Every Horse

East Gate Feeds

A Stitch In time

Laney's Feed Mill

Wish List

Monetary donations are also wonderful, especially for those that don’t have the time to mess with picking up supplies. Tax deductible receipts over a $25.00 donation. Remember every little bit helps! As always we appreciate any and all donations to our animals. Not only are we, the humans, grateful but I know the horses sure are too :)


  • All of our horses have their feet trimmed as needed at the cost of $35.00 each.
  • Dental work at $100.00 per horse.
  • Spring vaccines are always a huge expense at roughly $100.00 per horse.
  • De-worming is a regular routine here at CVRS and we switch off between Ivermectin - Safe Guard -  Strongid - Zimectrin Gold and Combo Care.
  • Pergolide (medication for the elderly ponies with Cushings) - Cosequin (joint supplement) - Neosporin - Icthamol (black salve) - Vetrycin - Fura ointment - Banamine - SMZ's - Bute - Vet wrap - Rolls of cotton - 7% or 10% Iodine - Digital thermometers - Stethoscopes

FEED - Contact Traci @ East Gate Feeds 717-667-6556 or Laneys Feed Mill 814-643-3211 we have accounts at both facilites :)

  • We accept any kind of feed, as long as it is nuggets or pellets
  • Beet Pulp Pellets (we use a lot of this as well)
  • Triple Crown Rice Bran Plus - Vegetable - Corn oils
  • Large/small mineral blocks


 All size break away halters - lead ropes - flat back buckets - feed pans - heated buckets - bucket hooks - double end snaps - adjustable clippers - fly spray - fly sheets - fly booties - toilet brushes (to clean buckets) - bleach - old sheets/blankets/towels.

We are looking for round bale feeders for horses. We could also use round pen panels (used for emergency situations) - gates - two wheel wheelbarrows and manure forks (plastic apple pickers).