Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Along with helping defray the costs of vetting all our animals your donations can help in the following ways. These are just a few things I jotted down but your donations can help in many other ways too. There is always a need for supplies around the barn such as halters, lead ropes, regular buckets, heated buckets, feed pans, fencing, run-ins, etc. Please remember that our rescue efforts do not stop once an animal has gotten here safely. We still have to maintain that animal until it is adopted or if he/she is a permanent resident until they cross the rainbow bridge.

No donation is too small :)

PLEASE NOTE -  this is an estimated price list as prices do change


  • 2 bales of hay
  • 2 tubes of de-wormer
  • 3  mineral salt blocks
  • Treats


  • 5 bales of hay
  • 4 de-wormers
  • 6 minerals salt blocks
  • 1 large mineral block
  • 1 large salt block


  • 10 bales of hay
  • 50lb bag of feed
  • Big bag of snacks
  • 8 de-wormers


  • 15 bales of hay
  • 2 bags of feed
  • Farrier work


  • 20 bales of hay
  • 3 bags of feed
  • Farrier work


  • 30 bales of hay
  • 4 bags of feed
  • Farrier work

Help us raise funds by shopping at CountrySupply.com. You can choose from thousands of great horse supply items at the best prices and by entering the COUNTRY-CARE Code CVRS during checkout. When you do, Country Supply will donate 5% of your product's purchase price (excluding de-wormers and shipping) to Cozee Valee Rescue & Sanctuary


Here at Cozee Valee for one reason or another we have animals that will not be placed into an adoptive home due to age, injury, etc. They are now our permanent residents therefore we offer sponsorships for them to help defray the cost of their care throughout the rest of their lives. We do not have a set price for sponsorships and any amount is greatly appreciated. If you are interested in sponsoring, or as we like to call it *buddy up* with a horse from Cozee Valee please contact us.

Each month you send either a cash donation or choose a special gift. When your gift arrives we take the time to make it special for the animal of your choice. Each month you will receive updates on the progress of your buddy. Current pictures will either be on the website, sent to you via email or if you prefer we will mail it directly to you. We do not always know the background of the rescued animals but we feel with the hours spent evaluating and giving constant care their actions are able to help us to figure out their history as far as what kind of neglect or abuse they have been through.